What We Do

What We Do

Our Model

Blackbird Labs seeks to bridge the gap between pioneering academic science and industry by providing capital, program management, and strategic scientific and business input from its team of life sciences professionals.

We have a value-driven model focused on several core principles: de-risking innovative technology for commercialization; attracting investment and creating start-ups; entering into meaningful public-private partnerships; and fostering a success-based ecosystem in Baltimore.

Operational Model

Representative Projects

Gut-targeted Therapeutics for Crohn’s and Colitis

  • Inhibitors of GCPII to dampen inflammation and ultimately reverse the course of disease in Crohn’s and colitis
  • Rationally designed to have durable tissue-restricted action in the gut
  • In collaboration with Prof. Barbara Slusher (JHU)

MRNA Modulator Platform Technology

  • Platform approach to cell type-specific enhancement/restoration of gene expression using small RNAs
  • Targeting a range of diseases, from haploinsufficiencies to chronic diseases
  • In collaboration with Prof. Jeff Coller (JHU)

Small Molecule Therapeutics for Comprehensive Treatment of Schizophrenia (SCZ)

  • Neuronal receptor modulators to rebalance neurocircuitry in SCZ and synchronously treat the broad spectrum of SCZ symptoms
  • Program advancement supported by multifaceted biological discovery and validation platform
  • In collaboration with the Lieber Institute for Brain Development (JHU)

Precision Gene Therapy Platform Technology

  • Platform technology bringing new capabilities to the field of gene therapies by enabling cell-type-specific transgene expression
  • Empowering existing gene therapy programs through improved safety and efficacy profiles and facilitating implementation of new therapies that were previously not feasible
  • In collaboration with Prof. Jon Ling (JHU)

Patient-First Digital Clinical Trial Navigation Platform

  • Digital platform to inform about clinical trial opportunities, help navigate their complex landscape, and aid clinical trial enrollment
  • Empowering patients, providers, and clinical investigators
  • In collaboration with Prof. Evan Lipson (JHU), Dr. Govind Warrier (JHU), and 1104Health